Thermal Imaging Component

See Behind The Walls

As new technologies are discovered, they become available in areas of use far from what they were first developed for. Thermal imaging, also called infrared imaging, is one such expertise.  First originating during Vietnam to see the enemy at nighttime, it advanced towards to industrial testing, medical imaging, and finally, to the construction and building industry. Home inspections are an imagistic inspection. Simply put, our inspectors can only report what they can visualize. Thermal imaging provides a professional home inspector the capability to see way past what’s ordinarily visible.

Make sure that when you employ an Indiana home inspector, who also uses a thermal imaging component, you hire one who has been accurately educated in how to use the imager. Plenty of home inspectors buy thermal imaging equipment but never take the proper training courses or become certified. The inspectors at Gold Key are fully certified and trained.

A professional home inspector, armed with a thermal imaging camera and precisely certified and trained in its use, can find issues with a home that a routine home inspector can’t.  These problems are:

  • Water disturbance through the home’s exterior covering, regardless if the residence has stone, stucco, brick or siding
  • Wrongly settled or installed insulation
  • Leaking water around doors and windows and doors
  • Leaking plumbing inside the house, like leaky pipes, inappropriately seated toilets, leaking shower pans and bathtubs and plumbing pipe condensation
  • Inadequately insulated HVAC ducting that isn’t properly sealed, or that produces condensation dripping in crawlspaces and attics
  • Electrical panel for hotspots which can indicate loose or defective breakers and connections.
  • Leaking skylights, roof vents, roofs, and roof vent piping