Radon Testing:

Radon is an odorless, colorless, tasteless gas that is released when naturally occurring radioactive materials break down in rocks, soil, and water and can build up over time to dangerous levels inside home and buildings. The EPA recommends action be taken if gas levels are at or above 4 pCi/L of air.




WDI (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspections:

 A WDI Inspection is a non-invasive inspection to determine if there is any visible evidence of a Wood Destroying Insect. Some WDI’s found in homes include termites, beetles, ants (carpenter), and bees (carpenter). Our inspectors have been trained to recognize numerous organisms that may hurt your home.

Water Testing: 

The NGWA (National Ground Water Association) recommends that homeowners test their water for bacteria, nitrates, and any other local known contaminates of concern annually. Check with local health departments on recommendations as to testing frequency and what to test for.

Sewer Line Scan:  

A Sewer Line Scan will show you if you have any blockage or any intrusion in your pipes. Properties with large trees are encouraged to get a scan to determine if the roots of the trees have impacted the pipes in anyway. Our inspectors will run the sewer line scope up to 100 feet from the home to ensure there is no visible damage to the pipes.

Well Functionality Testing:

A well functionality test is where our inspectors will check for several items. They will check for the number of gallons that are being pushed through the well per minutes and the pressure range. They will also check for things like the pump brand and type (bladder/non-bladder), the location of the pump, the well diameter, and the location of the well-head.


Lead Paint Testing:

Lead Paint was banned in 1978 after determining that this chemical was harmful to humans. 24% of homes built between 1960-1977 may have a trace of lead paint, home built between 1940-1959 have a 69% chance, and home built from 1940-1959 have an 89% chance. Lead paint testing is recommended for any home that was built prior to 1978.

Asbestos Testing:

During 1930-1970, asbestos was used to protect electrical components of the home as well as used for home insulation. In the 1980’s asbestos was phased put due to its toxicity to humans. Testing for asbestos can protect you and your family from this harmful mineral.