Whole House Inspection

From Top To Bottom, Learn Your Home

Gold Key home inspections is the premier full house inspection company in the Michiana area. We have been in the business since 2003 and will give a proficient assessment of the residence from top to bottom. Regardless if you’re selling or buying a house, having one of our professionals deliver an inspection brings you peace of mind and helps ensure a smooth transaction.

Our whole home inspections provide you the most accurate information with a  photo report.

We are committed to forming long-term relationships with those that we’ve had the satisfaction of serving. Our relationships begin from the second you contact us. Your confidence will be encouraged by a thorough and well-balanced inspection, and house maintenance tips. We are dedicated to being a valued part of the transition that turns a house into a home.

Our Inspections Include:

We assess every part of the roof when it is safe and the weather permits. We inspect the state of the roof coverings, the downspouts, skylights, the gutters, the vents, flashings, the chimney and other roof penetrations. We examine the basic structure of the roof from the readily accessible doors, stairs, or panels.

We inspect the trim, flashing, and siding; all exterior decks, doors, steps, stairs, porches, stoops, eaves, fascia, and soffits.

Foundation and Structure:
We inspect the basement, the crawlspace, the foundation and describe indications of active water penetration. We investigate and report on noticeable notching, boring, or cutting of framing members that may present a safety or structural concern.

Heating and Cooling:
We inspect the HVAC system and detail the energy source and heating method using standard operating controls.

We inspect the central AC unit utilizing common operating controls and report on cooling systems that don’t operate as expected. We examine the vents for faulty or improper installations.

We verify the presence of and identify the area where the main water shutoff valve is located; inspect the water heater, including venting, connections, combustion air, energy sources, and confirm the absence or presence of temperature-pressure relief valves.

We will run water in showers, tubs, and sinks, as well as flush all toilets. We inspect the interior water supply such as all faucets and fixtures; inspect the vent systems, waste, and drains.

We inspect the meter box, the service line, the main disconnect and the rating of the service amperage. We examine breakers and fuses, panels, the service bonding and grounding, a representative sampling of switches, receptacles, and light fixtures. We also report when there aren’t any smoke detectors.

Insulation and Ventilation:
We inspect the insulation in unfinished areas, the mechanical ventilation systems, and report on the ventilation in the attic, as well as the general absence or lack of insulation and ventilation in unfinished areas.

We inspect the walls, ceiling, floors, stairways, steps, railings, cabinets, countertops, and balconies; windows and doors; garage doors and openers; report on signs of unusual or harmful water penetration into the property or signs of harmful or abnormal condensation on building components.

Thermal Imaging:                                                                                                              A professional home inspector, armed with a thermal imaging camera that is precisely certified and trained in its use, can find issues with a home that a routine home inspector can’t. These problems are:

  • Water disturbance through the home’s exterior covering, regardless if the residence has stone, stucco, brick or siding
  • Wrongly settled or installed insulation
  • Leaking water around doors and windows
  • Leaking plumbing inside the house, like leaky pipes, inappropriately seated toilets, leaking shower pans, bathtubs, and plumbing pipe condensation
  • Inadequately insulated HVAC ducting that isn’t properly sealed, or that produces condensation dripping in crawlspaces and attics
  • Electrical panel for hotspots which can indicate loose or defective breakers and connections.
  • Leaking skylights, roof vents, roofs, and roof vent piping

We want you to be confident about the house you are buying with an affordable home inspection. If you are looking for the top inspection company in Southern Michigan or Northern Indiana, try Gold Key Home Inspections.