Jamie Miller, General Manager

Jamie started Gold Key in 2003 and used his experiences in a variety of fields to help grow the company into one of the area’s largest and most trusted inspection companies. His background in teaching gives him an edge when it comes to educating buyers during the inspection process. His construction background gives him the knowledge base necessary to identify potential or current defects that are visible during an inspection. His love of building and houses gives him the enthusiasm that is vital to creating a memorable home inspection experience. Of all the responsibilities involved in owning a business, his most enjoyable moments are spent educating buyers on their home and helping their home buying dreams to come true.

Kevin, Home Inspector & Customer Support Specialist

Prior to inspecting homes, Kevin worked in the ecological restoration and environmental compliance field.  His interest in home inspections began when Gold Key performed an inspection on an old farmhouse he and his family bought. Kevin enjoys meeting and serving clients, particularly first-time home buyers, and is committed to inspecting your home with attention to detail. In his free time, Kevin likes clowning around with his wife and three girls and coaching the girls’ soccer teams. He also enjoys working in the garden, paddling his canoe and hunting.

Riley, Operations Lead

Riley is Gold Key’s Operations Lead! She plays a critical role in overseeing and optimizing the day-to-day operations of our organization! Before coming to Gold Key, Riley graduated from Lakeland University with a degree in Marketing, Graphic Design, and Communications, while participating in college basketball! In her spare time she enjoys gardening, playing with her dogs Boone, Crockett & Clyde, feeding her chickens, and Canning!


Mike, Home Inspector

Mike is a veteran inspector serving Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan. Before becoming a Home Inspector, he was a teacher for 20 years working with adults and disadvantaged youth helping them obtain a GED. Before joining the Gold Key team, Mike started his own inspection company and served Southwest Michigan for three years.  As a father of eight children, he understands the value of your most important investment and will inspect your home like it was his! Mike has remodeled and built numerous homes and would love the opportunity to inspect and teach you about yours!   

Jim, Home Inspector

Jim started learning about buildings at an early age as he grew up in the home of a home builder and general contractor.  Along the way, he has worked in a variety of roles including building construction and maintenance, municipal infrastructure maintenance and pastoral ministry.  As a home inspector, he enjoys learning about each individual home and passing helpful information about the home on to the client. Jim appreciates the team mentality that sets Gold Key apart from other home inspection companies. Jim is married with three grown children and enjoys all things outdoors.

Joe, Home Inspector

Before starting as a home inspector Joe had a variety of occupations that included diagnosing, repairing, and building RVs. He loves a good challenge and learning something new. Joe is married and has 2 boys. He loves camping, kayaking, and gaming. Joe is excited be a part of the Gold Key family and values how  warm and welcoming they are to their employees and customers.

Nic, Home Inspector

Transitioning from residential maintenance to home inspections, I bring a wealth of hands-on expertise to every property I assess. Beyond the job, you’ll find me in my workshop, crafting woodwork masterpieces, or enjoying quality time with my poodle companions.

Lindsey, Marketing Director

Lindsey is a local graduate of Edwardsburg High School. She graduated early with a Blue-Ribbon diploma, and then went on to Trade-school where she graduated with a 4.0 and a certificate in Dental Science. Soon after graduation, she joined the workforce and found herself on multiple leadership teams as well as acquiring the position as the lead marketer for her employer’s marketing team.   Lindsey instantly enjoyed the relationship building and social aspects of keeping and maintaining good personal and business relationships. She immensely enjoyed the marketing world where she watched her efforts in building relationships with clients and the community be rewarded in the growth of the business.  In her spare time, Lindsey enjoys Camping, ATV’s, family time and traveling! One of her life goals is to travel to all 50 states before she is 50!

Jodi, Client Care Director

Jodi is a part of our client care coordination team. Before Jodi joined Gold Key, she spent three years in the manufacturing industry in Ohio. When it comes to her job, she likes things to be organized and concise which makes her a great fit for the team. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, being outside in the sunshine, gardening, or going on a road trip.

Donna, Hospitality Director

Donna is Gold Key‘s hospitality director for team building and the Gold Key family fun expert, providing opportunities for the Gold Key team and their families to stay connected and build a positive company culture. She also is the financial coordinator. She excels at creating, designing, and implementing programs that help Gold Key to grow, meet customer needs, and continue to lead the area in inspections and satisfied customers. She comes from a teaching background and graduated from Liberty University in 1994. She stopped teaching in 2009 to work full time for Gold Key and has been responsible for much of its growth due to her hard work, cheery personality, and creative genius. She has performed many duties during the last 12 years with the company, including overseeing marketing, developing customer service relations, running the office, fulfilling accounting duties, and finding ways to develop company culture.