One of the most valuable features we offer at Gold Key is a sewer line scan. The first question most people ask us is when should we get a sewer line scan? Well, first we recommend it on houses older than 1980; however there are a few more signs that we want you to be aware of: if there is water backup inside the house, large trees growing in the yard, significant soil settlement, or clay sewer pipes.

In a sewer line scan, we can find many things including tree roots: gaps in piping allow tree roots to enter the sewer line. As the roots grow, the pipe can crack and break.

Low areas: low areas collect water and solid waste, causing poor flow of waste through the pipeline.

Debris: items become lodged in the sewer line, preventing the flow of waste through the pipe. 

Offsets:  sections in the piping that can separate, causing an offset in the piping. Solid waste and water will seep into the surrounding soil, resulting in further settlement and the eventual breakdown of the piping.

Pipe collapses: significant soil settlement around an offset or low area can cause complete pipe collapse.

 Let us help your clients avoid a massive disaster once they move into their home with a sewer line scan today.