Radon has become a priority in the home inspection industry. Home buyers and business owners should have the opportunity to become informed about the dangers of radon and the probability of finding it in their home or business. There are a few publications from the EPA and AARST to use as tools in assisting in the education about the truths concerning radon. This dangerous gas is hazardous to one’shealth; homes or businesses should be tested to verify the levels, as radon is a naturally occurring gas that is odorless, so you can’t smell it. There is no way of detecting if radon gas is in your home or business unless you explicitly test for it. Indiana and part of Michigan is in a high radon zone. Approximately 40% of the homes in Northern Indiana test over the EPA’s actionlimit for radon while the national average is only 7%. Breathing high levels of radon gas is the same as smoking and can cause lung cancer. Testing is inexpensive and best to do during the real estate transaction because often the remedy can be negotiated as part of the closing.
If you desire a radon test to be done on a home or business you are considering purchasing, contact Gold Key Home Inspections, Inc. When a level of radon is found above 3.9 pCi/l in a home or business, mitigation is recommended. A mitigation system will lower the levels below the EPA standard. Due to better information and higher building standards concerning radon, many newer homes have radon mitigation systems already built into them. Make sure you ask the builder or homeowner.
Gold Key Home Inspections provides accurate, affordable radon testing to limit the exposure of radon to your employees or loved ones. Our technicians test residential and commercial properties in both Indiana and Michigan. To do the test, we go in and put our test equipment in the lowest livable level of the business or home. We use continuous monitor, Corentium Pros, to test for radon gas. After 48 hours, we remove the equipment, download the data, and evaluate the results. After the inspection is finished, we give you a report about the radon levels in your property.