The market today is unlike anything we have seen in decades. Since I’ve been inspecting (17 years) there has not been anything like the lack of inventory, elevated prices, and demand for housing. While this is good for the seller and the real estate agent, it can be difficult for the buyer. Buyers are under pressure to bypass normal due diligence protocols such as surveys and inspections, to “spice” up their offer to the seller with the hopes of getting their offer accepted. This is risky but is happening up to 40% more often in some markets.

Regardless of your experience in buying a home recently, or several years ago, it is always a great idea for the new year (and every year after) to have a home maintenance inspection. For a relatively low flat fee (call to get specifics), you can have a licensed home inspector go through your home and look for items that may be a problem now but could lead to bigger things later. 

For example, a lifted or popped nail in your shingles can allow water pathways into the attic and surfaces below. 

These types of leaks will typically not be seen until you see water stains on the ceiling below (ask me how I know😊).

There are at least four good reasons to have regular home maintenance inspections:

  1. Help prevent small problems from becoming large problems
  2. Maintain and increase property values
  3. Educate homeowners on how to operate their house
  4. Save money on repairs

As mentioned before, #1 will help you to avoid thousands in repairs later if you see a problem in its infancy. A popped nail is a $.50 fix, replacing areas of sheathing and shingles that could run in the thousands. Loose flashing next to a plumbing vent or chimney can be re-fastened or sealed instead of covertly leaking into the wall and causing mold problems.

Trimming trees, caulking windows, removing shrubs, etc. will not only preserve the building components and make it look better, but will also maintain the curb appeal and “freshness” of the exterior. It will also go a long way in ensuring the next windstorm doesn’t drop branches on your roof or the whole tree.

Education is key. 

Changing your furnace filter is the single most important maintenance you can perform on your furnace. There are many other important items to maintain in a home as well that only an experienced professional can point out.

Finally, if there are repairs to be made, you can either do them yourself or find a contractor that meets your budget to perform the repairs instead of facing a larger problem later or having the buyer insist on a certain company they have a past relationship with.  

There are so many good reasons to have a yearly home maintenance inspection, and you can easily have this happen by calling our office getting more information on the why, how, and when.