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The sewer pipe scan inspection offers another non-biased choice to safeguard our clients from pricey repairs. Before 1984, many houses were built with clay sewer pipes or sewer piping predisposed to root intrusion and breakage, which could result in expensive pipe repairs. The sewer pipe scan inspection is a camera scope of the main sewer line that will allow you to have a snapshot of the current condition and can classify issues like cracks, obstructions, breaks, root intrusion, misaligned joints, and crushed lines in the pipe.

The sewer system of a home or business is one of the most vital parts of a property. Sewer pipe repair can cost close to $10,000, so it’s critical to understand before you purchase a home if the main sewer line is impaired or should be replaced. The only way to inspect the state of these pipes is to put a scanner in the sewer line and take a look around. As these inspections become more common in our industry, it becomes crucial for every property buyer to see the state of their sewer line.

This type of service is greatly recommended and Gold Key Home Inspections can schedule a sewer inspection in conjunction with your home inspection by our trusted, licensed, and experienced home inspectors. We don’t perform repairs on sewers, so we’ll let you know when a plumbing specialist is necessary.

Sewer piping has a fundamental life expectancy of close to 50 years. This piping decomposes because of age, producing blockages, leakage, backups and damage to the property. The soil below a property’s walls and floors are doused with the contaminated sewer water, generating possible dangerous conditions. It is not an issue of if the sewer piping will break down, but when.

The repairs required to replace the piping can be quite expensive, and you might have to evacuate your house. Recognizing the condition at the early stages will allow you to arrange and tackle the issue before the damage becomes worse.

Moreover, what many property owners might not realize is that the damage and repairs may be covered by their property insurance if a sewer problem is discovered after the home is purchased.

We want to resolve the problem before you buy. We are unbiased professionals at assessing the parts of a residence. We aren’t plumbers who wish to re-pipe your sewer. We provide impartial evaluations and home inspections of your piping using innovative technology. Gold Key Home Inspections has been giving assessments to homeowners since 2003, so we know what we are doing. We have offered this service to hundreds of potential now current homeowners in the Michiana area.

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