Mold Inspection

Avoid Adverse Health Risks

Contact us today for a phone consultation if you need a mold inspection performed on a home or business you are thinking about purchasing. We offer inspections for mold, giving you a report with pictures at no additional costs.

Mold indoors can harm the structure of a home, instigate wood rot, and destroy drywall. Most significantly, mold can trigger health issues. Professional mold testing begins with a comprehensive inspection of your property. We look for any indications of present or past water invasion which can stimulate mold growth, and we take examples of any alleged mold for lab analysis.

Some Mold Symptoms

When Gold Key Home Inspections perform a mold inspection, our professionals look for:

  • A musty/damp odor
  • Discoloration or dark material on basement walls
  • Mold-like discoloration or stains on the ceiling, furniture, or walls
  • Water issues such as water in the basement or a leaky roof
  • Inadequate attic or indoor ventilation or a high indoor humidity level

Our mold testing and inspection are noninvasive. We visually inspect for visible mold symptoms and corroborate by sampling the surface contact with swabs/tape lifts and checking the indoor air quality.

We give you a mold inspection report with lab results and make suggestions for mold remediation, mold removal, or mold cleanup. Turnaround time for mold testing and indoor air quality testing is one day after the lab does the analysis.

There are thousands of numerous kinds of molds. It shows up in several different colors and shades, most commonly as black. They are live organisms that develop naturally, mainly in damp, humid, warm conditions like basements and attics where there is hardly any air movement.

Often referred to as “mildew,” mold is related to yeast and mushrooms, but is much smaller. We can only smell or see mold when there is a considerable quantity.

Here in Indiana, mold can grow practically anywhere, such as carpeting, walls, furniture, or ceilings. Spills from showers/bathtubs, condensation, or water leaks can make mold grow on your property.

While there aren’t any two properties that have precisely the same issue, you can be sure that our experienced home inspectors have come upon circumstances that are quite similar to yours numerous times. Here at Gold Key Home Inspections, we only send out the most qualified mold inspectors and give them innovative technology to ensure we figure out precisely what’s going on at your potential residential or commercial property in Michiana

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